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Binder (HEAD)

Development environment binder :

Local installation

Install in a venv in development mode (includes all extras_require):

$ git clone
$ cd graphviz
$ python -m venv .venv
$ source .venv/bin/activate
$ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Platform: Windows

.venv\Script\activate.bat to replace source .venv/bin/activate


alteratively: pip install -e .[dev,test,docs] (same as pip install -r requirements.txt)


Build Codecov

Run the tests (in the current environment):

$ python

Run only tests that are expected to PASS or XFAIL without Graphviz executables:

$ python --skip-exe

Run the tests with tox (installing into a virtualenv or many of them):

$ python -m tox

Run the static type checker (pytype, supported platforms and Python versions):

$ pip install pytype
$ pytype

Run the code linter (flake8):

$ python


Readthedocs (stable) Readthedocs (latest)

Build the documentation with sphinx and sphinx-rtd-theme (in the current environment):

$ python


Use help() in the REPL to shows/structure methods and attributes in dependency order:


In the above, cooperative multiple inheritance classes reveal their (diamond) MRO structure and methods are shown in method resolution order (MRO), which should be an extension of their dependency relation…

TLDR; you might find this presentation helps to follow the implementation.